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I find the guides really helpful with my studies. I love everything about the site!

Jil Child, Sommelier & MW student, California

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About The Guides

Our travel guides to wine regions provide all the information that the independent traveller needs for an enjoyable private wine tour. Each guide includes independent recommendations to a selection of wine producers to visit and places to stay, eat and shop. These recommendations along with general wine region and tourist attractions are written by a specialists who have been chosen by us to share their insider knowledge and expertise on each region.

Our travel guides to wine regions are written by some of the finest wine and travel writers with the inside knowledge on their region They know not only the wines of their areas, but also the best restaurants, hotels and places to visit - all you need for a great wine tour.

All Information now free to view without Subscription

You can view all the information from the guides free on this website, but in order to download and print a complete guide, you need to purchase a PDF guide for your chosen micro-regions. If you become a member of the website, you can access all 52 micro-region guides for 12 months and enjoy more benefits too.



What the PDF Guides (no longer available) look like: All the Guides are available to download and to print out in PDF format as a full page document (A4 or North American letter format) and only the first page currently has photographs and a map. The Guides vary in length from 10 – 20 pages. Gold members have access to all the PDF guides and can also view the Guides on-line, which has the advantage of being able to use the interactive maps and tourist information all in one place. To see a PDF sample, register now.


Where the Guides cover: Guides are currently available for all major French wine regions as well as Tuscany (Italy) and Rioja (Spain). France is divided into conventional wine regions and then further into micro-regions. Each Guide covers one micro-region, which might be a wine district such as: Saint Emilion (Bordeaux) or Côte de Beaune (Burgundy); a loose geographic area like The Valleys of the Tarn and Lot (South West) or Inland Provence; or centred on important towns such as Epernay (Champagne) or Narbonne (Languedoc Roussillon). Wine Travel Guides will be added for other wine countries in the future.


Recommendations: Here you will find the real inside knowledge with the contributor’s personal recommendations. Every guide includes:

  • Wine producers to visit:a selection of producers who welcome visitors, some by appointment.
  • Places to Stay: Hotels and, in some Guides, a few chambres d’hôtes (bed and breakfasts).
  • Places to Eat: Restaurants and, in some Guides, cafés and wine bars.

Each recommendation has full contact details (including web links where relevant) and is mapped accurately on our interactive Google maps. We also give GPS coordinates so that you can put these into your SatNav and find even the most remote wine producer or restaurant.

The Guides also include some or all of the following:

  • Wine shops (mapped)
  • Other interesting shops (mapped)
  • Wine related attractions (mapped)
  • Other interesting attractions (mapped)
  • Local events
  • Drives
  • Walks


Interactive Maps: Each Guide includes an extract from a road map. Interactive Google road maps showing all the wine producers, places to stay and eat, shops and attractions can be accessed directly from the Guide. You can print out the maps and change the scale to suit and you can also print out driving directions.


Basic Information: Each wine travel guide lists contact details and websites for the main tourist offices and wine information organisations for each micro-region. We provide a wine aide-memoir giving a short description of the geography (climate/soil) as well as the main grapes, appellations and wine styles. In addition, we list local food specialities, and highlight important towns and villages.


Itineraries: If you are new to the region, or can’t decide where to go, you can follow our ‘Ideal Itineraries’ for an excellent one or two-day wine tour.


This information is provided free of charge, however it is strictly the copyright of Wine Travel Guides and its contributors. We try to do our best in keeping our guides and information up-to-date and accurate, but if you notice any mistakes, please contact us. Note that we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies. Thanks for your respect and understanding. For full details see our Terms and Conditions.